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 “It's a common misconception to think that you have to be a size 8 woman wearing designer clothes to look stylish. That's not the real world and it's certainly not my world. Looking stylish is all about choosing the right clothes to fit your body shape, developing a capsule wardrobe that allows you to mix and match and finally accessorising to complete the outfit. The result? Look great. Feel confident and finally have something to wear!”    


Melissa Murrell

With a successful career in fashion design, retail and styling in London and Australia the inevitable happened - I met a man and everything changed! I swapped London for the countryside, handbags for baby bags and fashion shoots for the school run. As a military wife (yes that 'man' became my husband) I was faced with the extra challenge of maintaining a career with my husband away for long periods of time AND,  I lived ( and still do) 1 hour away from any major shopping centre but none of that was going to stop me!

Personal styling isn't just for the rich yummy mummy or high flying business woman so I decided to make it accessible to all and as the 'go to' person amongst family and friends for any style advice it seemed like a natural next step to share my experience with real women. By establishing my own consultancy it allowed me to work around family commitments but still do what I love to do - create effortless style for the everyday women. There's nothing more rewarding than helping someone to build his or her confidence and self esteem. 

So you've probably gathered by now that styling real women is my passion and I spend my days making sure my clients are the best version of themselves! I'm a regular on BBC, Sky, BBC Radio 2 & 4, local radio stations across Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset and Berkshire and I've worked alongside many of the major shopping centres opening new stores, running fashion booths and delivering catwalk shows.

I also run the MM Styling Academy where I teach others how to become Personal Stylists for real women and we've just built our very own purpose built Styling Academy Studio to host it from!




However, the majority of my time is spent with real women of all shapes and sizes, sifting through their wardrobes unearthing outfits they never knew they had and discarding their thread bare tops. Then it's back home to do homework, making supper and living my very 'real life'!

So, do give me a call, even if you just want to have a chat through your styling issues. I promise I'm not stick thin or scary, nor will I make you stand in front of your mirror in your undies!


And, if a one-to one styling session isn't an option for you then come along to one of my styling events for a fun yet informative body shape master class where I share all the styling 'tricks of the trade'. See below for a video of me in action - it's an old one (2014) but a great one for showing how fun the events are!

Ps. I regularly post on youtube where I dress real women of all different body shapes and sizes as well as providing general styling tips and advice. Visit my youtube channel by clicking the logo below.

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